The name Sheena Hardin may ring a bell to you. She is the driver in Cleveland, Ohio who routinely, and illegally took a sidewalk detour around a school bus at a bus stop. She was caught, brought in front of a judge, and as part of her sentence she was ordered to stand at the intersection where her crime occurred wearing a very uncomplimentary 'idiot' sign. This morning was the first day of her sentence and we have video footage of how it went!

Sheena Hardin was the Cleveland, Ohio woman who was brought before a judge because she took a sidewalk detour around a school bus stop, routinely endangering elementary school age children. The judge suspended Hardin's license for 30 days, she was fined $250, and she was ordered to wear a 22inch by 22 inch sign that reads "Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus" in public at the very busy intersection in front of the school from 7:45am-8:45am. Today was the first day of that sentence and we have video.

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Sheena Hardin will serve the second day of her sentence tomorrow. Do you think her punishment was to harsh? Was the judge right to punish her in such a public way?