Cleveland resident Stephen Munhollon has a brand new tattoo - not just any tattoo - but a tat depicting Charles Ramsey, the heroic neighbor who helped Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight escape from the clutches of Ariel Castro.

Don't get me wrong, I have tremendous respect for Ramsey, and chuckled along with the rest of the world as he added a bit of levity to the bizarre hostage situation in Cleveland. But am I ready to get his face on my calf? Let me think for a minute.


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Rodney Rose, a tattoo artist at 252 Tattoo threw the offer out on on his Facebook page, offering to give a free tattoo of Ramsey's mug to anyone who wanted it.

Rose's friend, and fellow tattoo artist, Stephen Munhollon took the bait.

“In society, a lot of times people choose not to get involved in situations,” he told Cleveland's Fox 8. “I think what’s really grabbed people in regards to Mr. Ramsey, is he’s an average, everyday guy. He’s an ordinary person, he was put in an extraordinary situation that he could have walked away from. But he chose to do something.”

Munhollon said that since getting the ink, he's been stopped by several people, asking to have their picture taken with his tattoo.

- George McIntyre
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