Nowhere on Earth will you find a work environment with better race relations than we have here at Cars 108 and Townsquare Media Flint. Or so I thought.

One of my coworkers from our sister station put us on the spot. And by "us" I mean the "Crackas." Armed with a video camera, Ricky posed the question, "Who's your favorite black person?"

"Bill Cosby," I fired off without hesitation. It was an honest answer. But then I wondered, "Why didn't I say, 'Martin Luther King Jr,' or 'Rosa Parks,' for crying out loud?" Certainly they've done more to promote race equality than any entertainer or sports figure, right?

Even though I was a little embarrassed by my response, I was appalled at some of my coworkers' replies. The video is below. Clearly, we have a long way to go.

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- George McIntyre
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