Of course Sunday is the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 with special ceremonies and dedications happening everywhere. The City of Flint plans on doing something very special as well at Mott Community College at 2pm. Mayor Dayne Walling says it's very important to reflect on this day:

"It's so important we recognize all the lives lost in 9/11 but also all the men and women in uniform who go to work for us every day in our community-our police officers and firefighters, so the city will be part of a special dedication."

Plan to be at Mott Community College at 2pm as the city will unveil a piece of the World Trade Center that was given by Port Authority of New York to Mott. There will be multiple representatives at the dedication.

The mayor also said that there will be a moment of remembrance at 1pm and encouraged people to take one minute to reflect on the lives lost in this tragedy. This is part of a national movement for everyone to take a minute to remember.