I cannot believe that people would actually start "death rumors" of the rich and famous. Christian Slater is the latest celebrity to fall victim to the infamous death hoax that some people find humorous; personally, I find it disgusting!

Congratulations, Christian Slater.

You have the dubious honor of being a celebrity worthy enough of his own death hoax.

Rumors of the 41-year-old actor's demise hit the web Monday courtesy of yet another faux news story from Global Associated News.

The "Heathers" star was reported to have died in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland – coincidentally the same way Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy supposedly perished last month.

But like Wilson and Murphy, Slater is alive and well.

"It is not true," Slater's publicist told the Daily News about the report.

GAN's creator, Rich Hoover, defended his site last month, telling E! News that it gives stars "free press."

"It is dark comedy, done in poor taste, I'm guilty of that but the intent is not to be hurtful to one's character," he said. "I try to make it very easy to dispel the myth….The fans do get upset and get their feathers ruffled more than the celebrities."

Slater, whose new series "Breaking In" premieres on Fox in April, and his family might disagree.