A doctor in China has an unusual approach for traffic safety. Treat bad driving as if it were a disease that you can diagnose even before the driver gets behind the wheel. Dr. Jin Huiqing has invested nearly 3 decades trying to figure out why some people seem to have more accidents. In his homeland of China someone is killed in traffic every five minutes, and at least one city using his methods has reported a decrease in automobile deaths.Jin tries to target the cause of crashes by identifying physical or psychological traits of poor drivers. Things such as risk-taking or poor response time are at the root of many accidents. Adequate training can reduce the risk of accidents. In China, at least 300 people die on the roads each day, so Dr. Huiqing has studied the records of thousands of Chinese bus, van, and cab drivers, used neurological tests and blood samples. He suspects there might be a gene marker that might indicate potential bad drivers.