A few weeks ago I was talking about Barbara Walter's most fascinating people special and mentioned she should have done the top scandals and meltdowns for the year.  So I wanted to add a few more, including the dumbest things celebrities have said this year. Do you remember when Kanye West got up on stage when Taylor Swift was accepting her Grammy saying Beyonce should have won?  He apologized later but then didn't understand why Taylor didn't have his back.  Last month Pink, who is pregnant, said that parents should beat their children and said the reason she was alive today is because her dad put her through a wall.  Maybe she should have left that comment out of the interview.

Or there's pop star Ke$ha who said she doesn't read anything because she feels like the haters like to hate out loud.  Then there is David Arquette who said he needs kind of a mother right now or at least someone who could bring him soup and make sure he's all right.  I don't want to leave John Mayer out who has made all sorts of inappropriate comments this year.  He's made racist comments, has bashed Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson and even got into Twitter arguments with Perez Hilton.  John has had a very busy year making himself look like an idiot.   He definitely wins the award for the year.