Local church members are sickened after they discovered more than a dozen cats dumped in their parking lot.

It happened Monday night at Agape Church of God in Christ in Flint. When Minister Anthony Mull arrived that morning he noticed several cats on the property. There was even a dead cat in the driveway. The security video shows the woman who dumped the cats ran over and killed one as well.

The church has surveillance cameras around the parking lot. The video showed around 10:35 Monday morning a dark-colored Ford Pick-up pulled into the parking lot. Two people got out, and starting pulling cats out of the back of the truck.

The cats scattered after being dumped. Some have been rounded up with the help of Lucky Day Animal Rescue. The cats that have been caught have been taken to the vet too  get checked out. They will be available for adoption. Makes you wonder what kind of people there are running around out there doesn't it?