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World’s Biggest Lasagna Baked in Poland?
You would think that the world's largest lasagna would be made in Italy. You would be wrong, although Italian soccer players were the inspiration for the Polish chefs to make the prodigious pasta dish.
11-Year Old Breaks Hand Punching Superhero In The Stomach
When we last checked in on “real life” superhero ‘Phoenix Jones,’ the Seattle-based crime fighter was getting arrested after he peppered sprayed a group of brawlers outside an area nightclub.
Jones might get on the nerves of the authorities — who would rather he just call them then involve himself in…
UFO Spotted On Washington D.C’s Capitol Beltway? [VIDEO]
This certainly got some people chattering while driving on the Beltway the other day. Some folks in the Washington, D.C., area are buzzing about what they thought was a UFO atop a flatbed truck on the Capitol Beltway.
Turns out the disc-shaped object was a military drone. Imagine if you saw one of t…
Holding Random People’s Hands Prank Is Our Favorite Prank Ever
We see people holding hands all the time, with the assumption being that the pair know each other. But the pranksters of LAHWF have put a new twist on the gesture of physical intimacy by walking up to random folks and taking them by the hand. Check out the video results of this interesting sociologi…
Thief Steals U.S. Flag From Man In Chicken Suit
Truth really is stranger than fiction. This story comes from Manchester, Conn. where police are investigating the theft of an American flag from a man dressed in a chicken suit. Only in America could this happen. Eric Didio was waving the flag and dancing outside a newly renovated Boston Market rest…
10 Mind-Blowing World Champion Eaters
Sometimes you go too far, and take one too many extra helpings, letting that third piece of pie do you in. The price you pay could be simply a bulging stomach, which you can alleviate by undoing your belt, or if you’re extremely unlucky, you might be kept up all night with a bad case of heartburn.

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