Do It Yourself Stomach Pump May Be Available In The U.S. Soon [Video]
It's the beginning of a new year, and if you're like me, you have decided to try to lose some weight. The trouble is, counting calories is a pain and exercise is no fun at all! Let me introduce you to a new weight loss option that has been available in Europe for some time and may be coming to the U…
New Research Offers Clues As To Why We Blink
Did you know that we spend 10 per cent of our waking hours with our eyes shut? We do it without even thinking. It's called blinking. There is a popular theory that suggests that we blink to keep our eyes properly lubricated but new research seems to indicate that that idea may be incorrect. So …
Ultrasound Parties – New Craze For Parents-To-Be
In this age of to much information. or TMI for the hip people in the room, this new trend will surely rank right up there at the top. But it won't stop a lot of expectant parents from booking one. Hit read more to find out what I'm talking about out.
Your Dead Pet May Be A Diamond In The Rough
Your beloved pet has passed away. You are devastated, and can't imagine life without your furry friend. If you are looking for a way to keep them close to you even though they have passed on, there is a way. Have their cremated remains turned into a diamond. I will explain after the jump.
Allergies From Your Tap Water?
In many parts of the world clean water is a valuable and rare commodity. It is often something that we just accept as part of our lifestyle. However, a troubling new study hints that the water you are drinking may be a factor in your allergies. Could pesticides that have found their way into our dri…

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