Is Brett Favre The Next Tiger Woods?
Rod and I were just talking yesterday how we are really tired of hearing about Brett Favre, but he made news again today.  Two massage therapists sued him and the Jets for firing them after they complained about inappropriate messages Favre was sending them.
Happy New Year!
One day left until 2011 and hopefully you're having a great day so far.  I was reading that over one million people are expected to celebrate New Year's tonight in Times Square.
Slowest Week Ever
I've talked to a lot of people who agree with me in thinking that this is the slowest week ever.  I thought the week of Christmas went by way too fast, but for some reason the weekend can't come soon enough!
Best of 2010
We've discussed celebrity scandals, apologies and breakups in 2010, but what other stories do you remember from this year?
Last Minute Shopping Ideas
I finally finished my shopping but I waited until the week of Christmas because I had no clue what to get my brother.  Of course waiting in line for about 40 minutes was extra special and I'm not even sure if he's going to like his gift!
Fire At Townsquare Media
Our holiday party was Saturday and much to my surprise, they found the copy of the 911 call I made when the building was on fire.  I couldn't believe they actually played it, even after a couple of my co-workers told me they wouldn't do that!

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