Mario Is The Number One Video Game Character of All-Time
According to the 13,000 gamers who voted on the Guinness World Records' website, Mario is the greatest video game character of all time.
The plumber with amazing leaping abilities edged out another Nintendo favorite, Link, from "Legend of Zelda," for the top spot. All told, Ni…
I’m Done with Snow!
I really thought we would be done with snow after the last storm, but I guess I was wrong. Silly me for thinking it was going to start getting warmer and spring was just around the corner.
American Idol Week Two
American Idol continued last night with a stop in Milwaukee.  I still like the new judges and I think it's going to be a really good season.
Reasons Why I Don’t Enjoy Cooking
You've heard me talk about cooking and how I don't usually enjoy it.  It's a chore to me and if I notice there's a long recipe, I usually don't even attempt to make it.  I've been sick all week and thought I would try to make my very own broccoli soup, which t…

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