Dramatic Photo Proves That Sun Damages Skin As We Drive
Stop and think about this for a minute. Do you drive with your arm dangling out of a car window? Maybe you have a sun roof. Do you wear  sunscreen when you drive? You will when you see this very dramatic photo! See it after the jump.
How I Celebrated National Trails Day
National Trail Day was yesterday, and I was out there with my wife Shelia and friend Jeff putting in some miles. Yesterday, we slipped through the mud in the Hogbacks, which is part of the Genesee County Parks system.
June is Great Outdoors Month
The month of June means that school will soon be out, warm and pleasant weather and time for family vacations. June is also "Great Outdoors Month" established by Presidential proclamation. Living in Michigan, we are surrounded by forest, lakes and rivers. When was the last time …
Stray Dog Follows Cyclists For 1,110 Miles [VIDEO]
A group of college students in China went on a cross-country bike ride after graduation. While riding through a small town they came upon a small stray dog. They fed the dog and the dog followed them for the rest of the cross-country journey.
All 1,110 miles of it. Up and down four-mountains for 20 d…
Richfield Park BMX Clinic May 31st
Ever wondered how to get involved in BMX (bicycle moto cross) racing? Thursday, May 31st is your opportunity to introduce your kids to this exciting sport at the Richfield Park BMX track on Irish Road, just north of Coldwater Road.
How I Get Ready for Mud Factor
One thing I have learned over the years as a trail runner is to NEVER underestimate the difficulty of a run. Once you start your decent down that slippery slope, trouble is sure to find you. With Mud Factor about a month away, you would be wise to heed my advice.
Cars 108 Garden is in the Ground and Growing!
Last weekend, my wife and I planted our garden at home. This weekend we took the seedlings that were left over and put them in the ground behind the radio station. We had already planted potatoes on the station property in mid-April, and they are doing very well.
Cat Cam Exposes Secret Lives Of Cats [VIDEO]
When it comes to cats there are two-versions. The indoor personality and the outdoor personality. Amy Watts of Athens, Georgia has three cats who roam outdoors. She thought she knew them.
Now she knows them much better thanks to the cat cam. If you have ever wondered what cats do when the y roam arou…
Did You Pee In The Pool? How Many People Do?
We've had a pool for more than seventeen years. I am aware that people, frequently kids, pee in the pool. But, I must admit surprise at a new survey that claims
20% of adults admit that at some point, they’ve peed in a pool.
Kansas Couple Gets Married During A Tornado [VIDEO]
Looks like a scene from' Wizzard Of Oz'. Caleb and Candra Pence of Harper, Kansas said their vows even with a tornado eight-miles off in the back ground. The twister caused some serious damage eight- miles out but fortunately no one was injured.
After watching the video you can see that the…

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