Cars 108 Garden is in the Ground and Growing!
Last weekend, my wife and I planted our garden at home. This weekend we took the seedlings that were left over and put them in the ground behind the radio station. We had already planted potatoes on the station property in mid-April, and they are doing very well.
Cat Cam Exposes Secret Lives Of Cats [VIDEO]
When it comes to cats there are two-versions. The indoor personality and the outdoor personality. Amy Watts of Athens, Georgia has three cats who roam outdoors. She thought she knew them.
Now she knows them much better thanks to the cat cam. If you have ever wondered what cats do when the y roam arou…
Did You Pee In The Pool? How Many People Do?
We've had a pool for more than seventeen years. I am aware that people, frequently kids, pee in the pool. But, I must admit surprise at a new survey that claims
20% of adults admit that at some point, they’ve peed in a pool.
Kansas Couple Gets Married During A Tornado [VIDEO]
Looks like a scene from' Wizzard Of Oz'. Caleb and Candra Pence of Harper, Kansas said their vows even with a tornado eight-miles off in the back ground. The twister caused some serious damage eight- miles out but fortunately no one was injured.
After watching the video you can see that the…
Tomorrow is “Don’t Fry Day” – Get Suntan Lotion Ready!
Get the sunscreen ready! Tomorrow, May 25th is "Don't Fry Day", and the American Cancer Society, along with the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention, reminds you to protect your skin as you head outdoors for the summer season. Skin cancer is the most common of all cancer…
Hawaii Battling Deer Problem
The big island of Hawaii is being overrun with deer. No one is sure how they got there, but they are certainly not enjoying the damage they do to farm crops and native plants.
And You Thought Your Commute To Work And School Was Tough [VIDEO]
After watching this video I feel like a sissy. The village of Los Pinos is in the middle of the Colombian jungle. To get to school kids either have to walk around a 1,200-foot gorge or use a 1,300-foot zip line to go over it.
They use a piece of wood as a brake, so they don't slam into the tires on t…

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