Summer Fun With A ‘Slip’N Slide’ Falls Compilation!
Now that it is officially summer, time to pull out the hose, sprinklers and water toys to let the falls begin! Temperatures are warming up while the slips and falls begin with this compilation of "Slip 'N Slide' falls that will cool you right down, courtesy of the folks at HuffPos…
Flushing Evening 5k Helps Kick Off Flushing Summer Festival
It's going to be a hot one tomorrow night in Flushing as the Flushing Evening 5k run & walk begins a host of activities for the Flushing Summer Festival. The 5k race starts at Flushing High School on Deland Road at 6:15 and finishes downtown just in time for the big parade.
Stu’s Backyard Salad Bar is Open!
Whenever I want a tasty, healthy salad, all I have to do is head for my backyard salad bar. My wife and I planted several different types of lettuce and spinach in containers this year. This makes it a little easier to manage and keep track of what is growing.
National Running Day is Tomorrow. How Far Will You Go?
As most of you already know, I'm a runner. It wasn't always that way. I started in my late 30's to lose the jelly roll that was forming around my midsection. My first running adventures were not pretty. Old people, pregnant women pushing strollers, and toddlers would routinely lea…
Dramatic Photo Proves That Sun Damages Skin As We Drive
Stop and think about this for a minute. Do you drive with your arm dangling out of a car window? Maybe you have a sun roof. Do you wear  sunscreen when you drive? You will when you see this very dramatic photo! See it after the jump.
How I Celebrated National Trails Day
National Trail Day was yesterday, and I was out there with my wife Shelia and friend Jeff putting in some miles. Yesterday, we slipped through the mud in the Hogbacks, which is part of the Genesee County Parks system.
June is Great Outdoors Month
The month of June means that school will soon be out, warm and pleasant weather and time for family vacations. June is also "Great Outdoors Month" established by Presidential proclamation. Living in Michigan, we are surrounded by forest, lakes and rivers. When was the last time …
Stray Dog Follows Cyclists For 1,110 Miles [VIDEO]
A group of college students in China went on a cross-country bike ride after graduation. While riding through a small town they came upon a small stray dog. They fed the dog and the dog followed them for the rest of the cross-country journey.
All 1,110 miles of it. Up and down four-mountains for 20 d…

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