Road Commission Snow Plow + Bad Attitude=This Funny Video
It's February in Michigan and there is a winter storm watch in effect from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday. If we get the snow that the weather people are calling for people will be digging out and the big yellow road commission trucks will be out in full force. Hopefully, none of the drive…
Safety Tips For Motorists and Parents With School Kids
Winter is here and it will be for awhile. When dealing with the snow, sleet and frigid temperatures, this is a good time to remind everyone of the importance of taking every possible precaution to ensure safety on the roads this winter. Here are some winter safety tips:
Behold Big Foot #20 – World’s First Electric Monster Truck [Video]
I've always thought that part of the thrill of going to see any monster truck show was the risk of leaving the event with diminished hearing because of the roof rattling, stadium shaking noise that's generated by those obnoxiously over sized vehicles. If you aren't a fan of the noise, let me introdu…
Let It Snow In New Pure Michigan Winter Campaign [Video]
If winter is your season and snow is your thing, the new Pure Michigan commercial is a must see! If you hate Michigan winters and don't want to be reminded of what's just around the corner weather wise, you should probably look away!
Deer Season is Here
Hunters across this great state always anticipate the beginning of deer season. We are already into the bow hunting season, and hunting with firearms begins November 15th. While I am not a hunter, I too look forward to a drop in the number of deer... especially after a huge buck did a number on my c…

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