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Weekend Box Office: ‘Thor’ Smashes Competition
As expected, 'Thor' enjoyed a solid performance at the weekend box office.
The superhero flick, which impressed most critics with its action-packed storyline and breakout performance by star Chris Hemsworth, took in an impressive $66 million, leaving the rest of the competition in the dust.…
New Movie Releases: ‘Fast Five,’ ‘Prom’ [VIDEOS]
Two new movies are opening nationwide this weekend. One is the fifth installment (yes, fifth) of the popular summer blockbuster series 'The Fast and the Furious', this time called 'Fast Five'. Most of the main players in the series are back for more high action, high energy scenes, with tons of ca…
Born to be Wild 3D
If you're looking for a really good educational movie for the kids, you need to take them to see Born to be Wild 3D.
Worst Sports Movies of All Time? Bleacher Report Ranks the Bottom 50
Matt LeBlanc plays baseball (with a chimpanzee). A basketball player dresses in drag so he can play in the WNBA.  The Bad News Bears take a trip to Japan.  Maybe someday we'll be able to explain how these leaky sports movie concepts made it off the cursed page and onto the big screen.
Check out bleac…