Ingenious Device Puts A Lock On Your Ice Cream
How many times have you gone to the freezer to enjoy your favorite ice cream, only to find that someone else has beaten you to it? You never have to suffer that torture again , thanks to this ingenious device!
How To Get A Skechers Refund [VIDEO]
If you took Kim Kardashian's word for it, and bought a pair of Skechers to get a curvy backside and great legs, The Federal Trade Commission says that you have a refund coming!
Paying A $1,200 Bill With Coins = Lawsuit
When it comes to paying your bills, some people would rather try and make a statement, than to do it the easy way. A client in the United Kingdom was upset with his accountant's fees and decided to express his irritation by paying him in coins.  But, in the end the accountant got the last …
Michigan Low Income Families to Pay Higher Tax
Thank you, Governor Snyder. A report issued Monday says Michigan's low-income, working families will pay more state income tax next year.
Michigan's reduction of the earned-income tax credit will mean about $244 million more in state income taxes.
Who will be affected?
Bank Tellers A ‘Soon-To-Be-Extinct’ Job?
It's the modern way to bank, ATM machines or banking on-line, but what would it be like to go into a bank that had no tellers?  A few banks are testing out new systems and the possibility of that happening is very real.
$6 Million Lotto Winner Close To Home
Oh, how I wish it was mine! The Michigan Classic Lotto 47 Jackpot winner from Wednesday, May 2nd is most likely someone
close to home. The winning ticket valued at $6,319,677 still hasn't been redeemed but we do know where the lucky ticket was sold, and it's close to Flint!

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