Good News at the Pump, Gas Prices Are Falling
If you've been travelling for your summer vacation already, you've probably noticed a positive trend. The price of gasoline has been steadily going down. Crude oil prices have been declining for the better part of 8 months, and the price of unleaded gas has followed.
Oil Prices Hit 8-Month Low, Will Relief Reach Us?
8 months ago, the price of a barrel of crude oil was selling on the commodities market for around $140. Today, the price of that same barrel of oil is just a little above $81. So why are prices at the pump not falling in proportion to the price of oil?
Can DryBath Get You Clean Without Water?
The thermometer is expected to hit 95 degrees today, and perspiration is a pretty good bet! What if you desperately feel the need for a shower, but you don't have water nearby? There is a solution, and it's called DryBath! See what it's all about after the jump.
Graduation Gifts – How Much Do You Give? [POLL]
We're smack dab in the middle of graduation-open-house season, and I'm curious. (Read:  Nosy)  How much money do you put in the graduate's card?
Have some potato salad, a couple of meatballs, and then hit the jump to take our Cars 108 Listener Poll.
Ingenious Device Puts A Lock On Your Ice Cream
How many times have you gone to the freezer to enjoy your favorite ice cream, only to find that someone else has beaten you to it? You never have to suffer that torture again , thanks to this ingenious device!
How To Get A Skechers Refund [VIDEO]
If you took Kim Kardashian's word for it, and bought a pair of Skechers to get a curvy backside and great legs, The Federal Trade Commission says that you have a refund coming!

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