Toys R Us Add Price-Matching Guarantee and Layaway For Christmas
When time get tough, offer the lowest prices to win! That's the new approach from Toys R Us and Babies R Us this holiday season. To get the lowest prices guaranteed though, the store to be willing to  match the prices of the competition. The new price-match guarantee that comes out this ye…
Need Extra Cash For The Holidays?
Can you use a little extra moola for the upcoming holidays? The Salvation Army will host two job fairs in mid-October to recruit full and part-time bell ringers for the upcoming Red Kettle Campaign. Here's how you can get involved...
Toys R Us Releases Hot Holiday Toy List 2012
Don't shoot the messenger, but there are only 94 days until Christmas! If you are shopping for a child there is no better place than Toys R Us, and if you are clueless as to what they might want for the holidays this year a good guide might be the Toys R Us Hot Holiday Toy List.
How Much Allowance Do You Give Your Kids?
The average allowance these days gives kids enough money in a year to be able to buy an Apple iPad and three Kindles-- and still have money left over.
According to a national survey by the American Institute of CPAs, the average allowance is $65 a month, or $780 a year.
Eight Year Old Strikes It Rich With Whale Vomit [Video]
We've all done it. Walked along the beach, looking for pretty rocks. Nobody expects to get rich if they happen to wander into a rock shop with them. Certainly not the staggering amount this eight year old walked away with, and you won't believe what for!
Walmart Bringing Back Popular Layaway Option For Holiday Shopping
It's no secret that times are still tough for a lot of mid-Michigan families, and as we all look ahead towards the holiday season, retailers are prepared to do what it takes to get your business. Walmart is no exception, and the giant superstore is bringing back it's interest free layaway …
New Survey Reveals How We Waste Time At Work [Video]
We are all at least a little bit guilty of this! You might even work with someone who has made a successful career doing this! I'm talking about wasting time at work! Now, a new survey reveals how we waste that time at work.

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