Are We In For Higher Bread, Cereal and Flour Prices Soon?
Old man winter just doesn't want to let go of the mid-west this spring. The snow, rain and freezing temps have been relentless, and those conditions don't mean great things for the crops trying to grow in that region of the U.S. Wonder what that means we'll pay more for in the grocery…
Benefit For Flint GM Employee With Cancer
Randy Moore, a long-time employee at Flint GM Truck and Bus, was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer.  I am teaming up once again with the Fabulous Ladies Small Business Club to help out with the overwhelming medical costs.
Can This Guy Really Sell Real Estate On The Moon? [Video]
Are you tired of listening to the neighborhood kids scream or that one stupid dog that barks incessantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Are you looking for something other than the typical ranch style house in a subdivision? Let me introduce you to a very interesting realtor!
Panhandler Says He Makes $100,000 A Year By Scamming The Public [Video]
You see them on a sidewalk or standing by a busy intersection. People who have fallen on hard times looking for a meal or some money to feed their children or to save their home from foreclosure etc, etc. As you dig around in your purse or pocket for some change you can't help but wonder what the mo…
You Asked – How You Can Donate Your Old Cell Phone To Soldiers
Recently, Rod and I talked about the fact that lots of us hang on to our old cell phones as we upgrade to the latest and greatest. In a recent study it was determined that consumers are sitting on roughly $34 million in old phones. You could sell your used phone, or, as a very smart listener was qui…

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