10 Dogs Who Aren’t Happy About the Snow
Snow is one of the greatest inventions of good ol' Mother Nature. Sure it can be a pain sometimes, but the stuff is also really cool! Take making awesome snowmen, for example. Can you do that with rain? Wind? Sunshine? No, because snow rules.
The Funniest Fiscal Cliff Memes
Hey, did you hear the good news? We managed to avoid soaring headlong off the fiscal cliff yesterday. Granted, the House pulled the plug on a bill providing emergency aid to people whose lives were destroyed by Superstorm Sandy to do it. But they did it. Hooray!(?)
Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions of 2012
A new survey from the University of Scranton reveals the top resolutions we made going into 2012. 45% of Americans usually make resolutions while 38% of us never do. Did your 2012 resolution make the Top 10?
The Most Anticipated Movies of 2013
2013! Hard to believe it's upon us. And with that a completely new crop of movies to get excited about. And with that, we've put together a list of our 20 most anticipated movies of 2013. These are the 2013 movies to add to your calendar, mark down on your to-do list and absolutely must s…
The Best Horror Movies of 2012
If you are a fan of horror movies, then you know that 2012 was a pretty good year at the movies! But, how do you rank them? It's not easy, but below is our list of the top horror flicks of the year!
Top Five TV Commercials of 2012 [VIDEOS]
There have been some pretty funny commercials over the years. Is it just me, or do they seem to be getting funnier and more creative as time goes on? Keep reading to see our Top Five Commercials of this year!
The Dumbest People of 2012
This is the time of year that the annual lists start appearing. You know the ones, most Twitter followers, most successful, etc. As 2012 is coming to a close, we take a look at one of the more unique lists. This is a list of the real low-lights, people who didn't make the grade!
10 Grinches Who Tried to Ruin Christmas
Christmastime should be about family, generosity and good cheer, but sometimes there are a few baddies lurking about to spoil everyone’s fun. We’re talking about nasty Christmas villains here. Thankfully most of them are merely figments of some storyteller’s imagination. But not all of them. There a…
Is Facebook Killing Productivity at Work?
A new survey from TVNZ reveals the top five things that take a toll on productivity in the office. It turns out that Facebook isn't killing productivity at work. It's your slow, confused, disorganized coworkers and bosses that are a much bigger problem.
Last Call for Some of Your Favorite Beers
Everyone freaked out when Twinkies went under, and now some American beers could be next. Some of America's finest and cheapest beers may be a bong away from oblivion! The website 24/7 Wall Street looked at beer sales data from the past six years and found eight American beers that have all see…

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