Today is Cadillac Day
August 21st is Cadillac Day, marking the production of the first Cadillac on this day in 1902.  Cadillac was acquired by General Motors in 1909, but struggled in it's early years.
‘Grille-ing’ at Back to the Bricks
There were literally thousands of vintage cars to see at Back to the Bricks this past week.  My wife and I got up early Saturday morning and got in a 10-mile run along the Flint River trail.  We ended up in downtown Flint for some early action at Back to the Bricks.
High-Speed Chase – In A Smart Car? [VIDEO]
This is rather cartoon-like. A drunk guy led police on a high-speed chase in Houston on Wednesday. He was in a Smart Car.
David Wheaton reached 92 miles an hour, which is impressive because a Smart car's top speed is supposed to be 90mph. Check out the video.
Giant Toyota Recall – Did It Get Your Car?
Hate recalls on your car? Well, if you own a Toyota RAV4 or a Lexus hybrid, you may soon be hearing from your friends at Toyota.  Over 750,000  are being recalled to correct rear suspension problems that could occur during maintenance.
‘Road Rage’ Most Likely For a Woman
Amidst all the new studies that are revealed each week, there is another that has found that women are lazier than men.
Is it possible that women are saving up their energy for when they get into the car?

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