Visiting the In-Laws? – Workday 108 Trivia, 6-28-11
If you're average, each year you'll spend about four hours doing this.  What?
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Discrimination! Workday 108 Trivia, 6-23-11
There are roughly 700 of these in the world, but only 14 of them are women.  What?
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I’m Afraid to Ask Her – Workday 108 Trivia, 6-20-11
Fill in the blank:  New research indicates that there are two important components to a happy marriage.  One is strong finances, the other is _____________.
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Flint And Genesee County Are Pure Michigan [VIDEO]
We've all heard the commercials promoting Michigan's tourism industry.  Tim Allen, a true Michigander, provides a beautiful description of places all over Michigan.  Until today, I didn't know there was a Pure Michigan ad for Flint/Genesee County!
Jeremy’s Big Mac Challenge [AUDIO]
I was broadcasting live at McDonald's in Grand Blanc this week as Jamie "Big Mac" McMurray's #1 McDonald's NASCAR show car was on display.
In honor of Jamie "Big Mac" McMurray's race this weekend at Michigan International Speedway, I challenged …

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