Do Not Date This Girl Ever! [VIDEO]
The ultimate desperate girl is making her plea on a YouTube video. It spoofs a Justin Bieber song and probably makes every guy who watches it hope his girlfriend doesn't pick up any ideas. Check out this modern version of Fatal Attraction syndrome after the jump.
Match Game: Erin’s Answer Was What? [AUDIO]
Rod & Erin were on the road this morning at Financial Plus for the "Whatchamacallit," a food drive that benefits the Old Newsboys and the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.
During the broadcast, we played Cars 108 Match Game, and no one could believe Erin's answer to the fi…
Giant Cellphone Bill No Mistake
How would you like to open your cellphone bill and find that this months charge is $201,000? It must be a mistake, huh? A woman in Miami just went through the experience, only to find that it was no joke or accident. She owed $201,000! Here is how it happened...
Why Guys Shouldn’t Attend Baby Showers [AUDIO]
My sister, Nikki, hosted a baby shower for a good friend of the family, Chris.  Nikki had gone to school with Chris since they were in elementary school.  Chris and I had a few classes together in junior high.
My wife informed me that I was asked to join the festivities.  As a guy, I didn't think I w…

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