Cars 108 & AirTran Airways  (Go! There's Nothing Stopping You!) present:  Words With Cars!

We've loaded up a new word for week three, and we'll be ready to play again Monday morning. This is the final week of 'Words With Cars', so be sure to print your game piece, and listen to win.

Congrats to our latest winner, Jean Flader from Flushing, who snagged Airfare for two from AirTran Airways - Go! There's Nothing Stopping You! - & Cars 108.

Cars 108's Rod & Steph have the first game each day at 7:10, and we'll play several times throughout the day. Caller 8 gets to guess the designated letter. If you get it correct, you'll move on to another letter. Then you'll take a crack at the secret word! If you know it, you win!

Print the game piece to help you keep track of each guess, because each guess is a clue.

Rod & Steph start the final game this Monday morning, and they'll give you a bonus letter at 7:10.

Click on the image to download game piece.


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