Like many of you, I love to grow things and really enjoy the part when it's time to eat them.  So far, everything that I planted in the patch out back of the radio station is doing quite well.  So are the weeds, but I have been doing my best to keep up with them!  As of this week, a few tomatoes have started to form to go along with some small pumpkins and some chili peppers. 

The onions are doing great and it looks like the potato crop will be a good one this fall.  I put in some Michigan white potatoes and a couple of sweet potatoes.  We also planted a couple of sunflower seeds as an afterthought, and they are over 3 feet tall and looking strong. 

If we could only get some decent rainfall, I could take a break from lugging the watering cans.  It will be worth all the work once it's time to start enjoying all the things growing.