Since Memorial Day weekend when my wife Shelia and I planted the garden behind the radio station, I have been showing you updates on how things are growing. Here's the latest.

Most everything we planted is doing great, but we have encountered some problems with the deer that roam around the area. They (Bambi and friends) have taken a liking to my green beans, cayenne peppers, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. They even sampled some tomatoes, but didn't seem to like them too much (they haven't been back for seconds, anyway). Who knew that deer liked hot peppers? I managed to pick a dozen before they chowed down on what remained, and can tell you that they are HOT. Maybe that's why they chomped on the other stuff, to put out the fire! I still have onions, most of the tomatoes, potatoes and a couple of good sized pumpkins (the deer preferred the small ones). The sunflowers are now taller than I am (I stand 6'3"). I look forward to picking tomatoes in the next week or two and should be able to dig up potatoes in September. This is the first time I've planted sweet potatoes, so I'm not sure what to expect. The deer chomped all the leaves off the sweet potato plants above the ground. Maybe they're still growing below the surface, maybe not. I'll have my camera at the ready when it's time to harvest.

If you planted a garden this year, hope you have a bountiful harvest!