Every year, I plant a small garden on the Cars 108 station property. This year I am starting a bit earlier than usual. My wife and I got the soil ready by tilling in some cow manure for fertilizer. I have been saving the coffee grounds from the Cars 108 coffee pot and tossing them on the garden patch since last season. The soil here drains really well, and is great for growing potatoes.

As luck would have it, I had a bag of spuds at home that were already beginning to sprout, so I had everything I needed to plant potatoes. Potatoes are a crop that can be planted early in the spring if conditions are favorable, and we are enjoying very favorable conditions in the Flint area and Mid-Michigan so far this year.

Some of the smaller potatoes that had sprouts sticking out were planted "as-is", while some of the larger taters I was able to cut into pieces. Instead of paying top dollar for a bag of "seed potatoes", I was able to repurpose some old potatoes that were a little past their prime.

If all goes well, I should be able to dig up enough potatoes in August to last me and my wife through most of next winter.

I'll be sure to show pictures as they start to grow. The rest of the garden will go in by mid-May. By then, we should have potato plants starting to show nicely.