He's one of 15 athletes from Michigan that competed in the Paralympics in Brazil.

Scot Severn, who brought home a bronze medal during the 2012 games in London, won a silver medal on Wednesday in the shot put with a 8.41-meter toss on the last of six throws. He came in second to Greece's Jon Fernandes.

Severn was serving with the Army Reserves in 1989 when he was struck by lightning, leaving him a wheelchair-bound paraplegic. He took 14 years off before coming back to sports, playing wheelchair rugby and then switching over to field throwing.

"It was one of those cases where the sport chose me," Severn said. "I chose rugby but field chose me, and it turns out that's what I was best at and sometimes that's what you have to take if you want to take it to a higher level."

He's still hoping to get a gold medal at the 2020 games.

Thank you to his wife, Brenda Luther Severn, and his cousin, Jason Jubar, for keeping us up to date on this story! And congratulations, Scott! Making Michigan proud!