Can you outrun a zombie?  You'll get your chance to find out at the Zombie Dash on Saturday, October 13th (World Zombie Day) on the wooded, secluded trails at the Holly State Recreation Area.  Did I mention that you'll be running in the dark?  The first wave will start at 6:15 p.m. where you might enjoy a little bit of daylight.  After that, you'll be hitting the trail in the dark (except for your flashlight or headlamp) while you try to dodge the undead.

Each runner will be wearing a pair of flags (like flag football) which the zombies will try to take from you.  Lose a flag and pay a time penalty.

I have personal experience running in the woods at night.  Even with a good light, if something jumps out at you, it still scares the crap out of you!  This will be a fun time!

The charity partner for this race is the Michigan Blood Stem Cell Program, which educates the public about the importance of the Be The Match registry (I'm on it!) and marrow/stem cell donation.

The course is 5.75k or about 3 and a half miles long.  Adrenaline makes you run faster.  Being chased by zombies will make your adrenaline spike dramatically.

This event continues a trend where people want to combine physical activities with entertainment.  Zombies are also needed for this event.

For entry details, visit

I'll see you in the woods on October 13th.  Try to keep up!  Zombies scare the crap out of me.