This would have been one of those times when you were glad to have the cable around. This one is a hero.

Last Monday began as a normal day on the job for Aero Communications technician Ken Tester. But as he installed cable at Debbie Florey's house in Midland County, that's when the unthinkable happened.

As he was busy working, Florey's 2-year-old grandson Silas Florey began choking on a piece of candy.Florey tried to get the candy out of her grandson's mouth. Tester heard Florey screaming for someone to call 911, but he says he saw the boy turn blue and thought it would be too late to wait for the paramedics to arrive. Tester says he relied on his instincts to rush over and help the little boy.

Florey says it was Tester's quick actions that saved her grandson's life. She says she cannot thank Tester enough for his act of bravery. Tester does not consider himself to be a hero, he says he hopes other people would have done the same thing that he did. Meet the family and their new best friend.