Here's one more thing between you and your New Years resolution!

Nestle is launching its' first new product in five years.

Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups promise a "combination of creamy milk chocolate, smooth peanut butter and the perfect dose of Butterfinger" that will take the cup to a " 'whole 'nother level."

A two pack isn't bad, with 230 calories, 130 from fat.

To launch the product, Nestle has released a teaser of the ad that will play on Fox, during the Super Bowl on February 2. The teaser ad shows chocolate (the wife) and peanut butter (the husband) in couples counseling in an effort to spice up their boring relationship. Watch them, and other married food combinations such as cheese and crackers and fish and chips in the very funny... some say racy ad, below.

Ads during the Super Bowl have always been a popular medium to launch new products, and the new Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups hope to give the market leader, Reese's, a run for their money.

"The cup is about to get crunchy." Find details at

Will you cheat on Reese's with this new peanut butter cup?