A cook at Golden Corral has trouble with some things at his restaurant. He wanted to share this video with you. We by all means aren't saying that all of this company's stores do this.

Brandon Huber, a cook at one of the franchise’s restaurants in Port Orange, FL has made a video in which he exposes the questionable storing tactics of the eatery. With phone camera in hand shortly before a health inspector arrives, Huber shows uncooked food  including hamburger, ribs, gravy, pot roast and green bean casserole as it sits near a dumpster.

Golden Corral responded swiftly by saying none of the food was served to customers and Huber attempted to profit from the episode by selling the video. The restaurant’s manager has also been fired. It’s unclear if Huber kept his job.

Do you think fast food employees that do this sort of thing are trying to do you a favor? Or, are they just trying to get their 15 minutes of fame? Take a look at the video.