A burglar trying to ease his guilty conscious over stealing $800 from a West Michigan store three decades ago, has returned the money plus some interest.

The anonymous letter and 12 $100 bills were mailed to the Barry County Sheriff's office. The burglar sent a copy of the letter to a Grand Rapids TV station, hoping they would be able to help track down the person who owned the store at the time of the robbery.

The letter is filled with emotion, and riddled with spelling errors.

"I'm asking for help in locating a man that I owe the money. I sent some intrist that's why it's 1200 I sent to the sheriff, [sic]" the burglar wrote. "I can't begin to say how sorry iam but have lived with this guilt too long. If you do find him, please tell him that I was afoolish stupid man when I did that and iam sorrie. [sic]"

The sheriff's department was able to locate the former owner of what is now Gregory's Groceries near Middleville, and he confirmed that the business had been broken into in the 80s.

Police do not intend to track down the man who sent the money, noting that his guilt has probably made him suffer enough.

- George McIntyre
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