Burger King is revamping their menu and adding several new sandwiches made from pork, beef and chicken. A summer bar-b-que theme seems to be happening there. That includes dessert. Burger King will now give you a chance to add bacon...to your ice cream sundae.


The new salty-sweet dessert consists of soft-serve ice cream with fudge, caramel and bacon. Yes, bacon. They actually go together quite nicely as I have tried bacon with ice cream before.

If you're counting calories, you might want to skip the Whopper and onion rings and go right to the bacon sundae. This decadent dessert packs 510 calories, 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar. You would need to run for close to an hour to burn off that blubber.

You could run to Burger King. Then waddle home. To find a Burger King near you, visit: www.bk.com