"There are a lot of kids out there that suffer depression and anxiety." Those are the words of seventh-grader Noah Brocklebank. The Columbia, Maryland teen posted a cry for help on the internet in January, stating that he planned to end his own life on February 8th, 2013, his 13th birthday.

"I just felt like everything was worthless," said Noah. "My life was terrible. I had no one."

Noah then spent eight days in the hospital. And while he was in there, his mother devised a plan to show the teen how much he is loved, and how much he matters. Her goal was to prove to him that there really is life beyond seventh grade.

She asked her Facebook friends to articulate those ideas, and write letters to her son. She hoped to get a couple of responses.

"But we got more than a couple," said Noah.

Noah has received thousands of letters from every continent on the planet, Noah's mother told CBS.

"It has restored my faith in humanity. It really has," said Karen Brocklebank.

Noah said the response has changed his outlook.

"I was focused on the bad side of the people, like the bullies. Then I realized there are caring people out there that can be my friends."

To write to Noah, visit lettersfornoah.com


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