Rod first brought the story of the bullied Ogemaw Heights High School sophomore to our attention. Whitney Kropp was ecstatic to learn that she had been chosen to represent her sophomore class in the homecoming court, until she found out that it was the worst sort of bullying on the part of her classmates. Her story has gone viral, and her life hasn't been the same since.

Bullying has been a huge cause for concern in schools all across the country as we all struggle to find ways to prevent it, and treat the victims of it. Residents of West Branch, Michigan, the home of Ogemaw Heights High School, quickly came to Whitney's rescue. A beautiful homecoming gown was donated. She received a complimentary hair cut and color. Flowers and a stretch limo were also provided free of charge.

The media coverage has been incredible. WNEM broke the story locally, and every major network has covered it on a national level.  The Facebook page that was created to support her has had hundreds of thousands of hits. Whitney has appeared on the 'Today Show', and yesterday she was on 'Katie' with Katie Couric. While on that show, she got to speak on the phone with another Michigan native, Kid Rock, and her all time favorite singer,  Adam Lambert. "Got to talk to Adam Lambert and Kid Rock!" Whitney posted on her Facebook page. "That just made my LIFE!!!!!!!"  Katie Couric gifted Whitney with a trip to Disney World.

I cannot help but wonder what the next two years have in store for Whitney. It will be hard to go back to whatever normal is when the cameras stop rolling and the phone stops ringing. She still has to face the student population of Ogemaw Heights High School. Will they embrace her now? Will the bullying stop, or will it go to a whole new level of mean? She didn't make them, or their school look very good, did she?

I hope Whitney makes the friends that she so truly deserves, and I hope that she always remembers that, believe it or not,  there is life after high school.