Britnee Kellogg knows a thing or two about heartbreak. On tonight’s ‘American Idol,’ the blond bombshell and mother of two told the story of her lyin’, cheatin’, good for nothin’ ex-husband who held her back so he could pursue his own basketball career. (And in Kellogg’s words, “pursue other women,” too).

So it only makes sense that Kellogg sang the girl power anthem, ‘You’re No Good,’ originally performed by Linda Ronstadt. Steven Tyler said it best, “You have a beautiful sense of humor.” Kellogg’s voice was powerful and full of conviction. We could tell she really believed in what she was singing and with her past, we can see why! One judge in particular was digging Brittnee’s performance. None other than Jennifer Lopez! Might it have something to do with her recent divorce from Marc Anthony? We can only wonder…

As the judges gave Kellogg their blessing to move onto Hollywood, Brittnee asked Lopez if it’s difficult to pursue a career in entertainment being a mother and Lopez gave Kellogg a wonderful piece of advice, “You have to be happy to make them happy.” You can say that again sister!

In the words of Britnee’s little son, “My mom is the next ‘American Idol’.”

Watch Britnee Kellogg Perform on ‘American Idol’