If you thought TV programming standards were low now, hang on to your couch cushion! There is a very real possibility that the FCC will relax their restrictions on nudity and profanity on television during hours where your children will be watching. How do you feel about that? Would you like to tell the FCC "absolutely not"? You can for a short window of time.

As it stands now, broadcasters face heavy fines if they violate the indecency policy which prohibits strong profanity and nudity. Call it a sign of the times, or some insiders have suggested that the FCC is caving in to pressure from the big networks, but the FCC is seriously considering relaxing their policies for prime time television. The new rules would allow "non-sexual" nudity and random swear words during times of the day in which families are watching TV.

The FCC is accepting comments from concerned citizens, however. You can offer your opinion on how much swearing is too much and how nudity should be handled in regards to programming in addition to any other indecency concerns by using their online Electronic Filing System. Be sure to reference Proceeding No. 13-86. For more detailed instructions, additional ways to contact the FCC or to read their press release go here. The filing period only lasts until the end of April, so submit your questions or concerns before the end of this month!