I'm guilty. Seventeen years worth of guilty. I guess I should throw myself on the mercy of the court, but claiming ignorance of the law is no excuse. Here's what I did, I hope you haven't made the same mistake.

When I first moved to Grand Blanc, we had five kids, and bought a house with a pool. For the adults (and for marshmallow roasts,) we built ourselves a campfire pit near the pool area.

Well, just last Friday I discovered that we had been having illegal campfires for the past 17 years!

I went to the fire department to get a permit to burn a huge pile of branches and tree limbs that I had trimmed this spring.

In obtaining the permit, I discovered that campfires in Grand Blanc are illegal, UNLESS you have a permit from the fire department. The permits are free, but I never knew. I told the Fire Chief that he might as well handcuff me now. I'm guilty! (He laughed).