Cars 108 has just learned about a downed aircraft in Mt. Morris Township off Pierson Road near Dalton Airport. According to Genesee County Scanners on Facebook, the incident happened in the 3000 block of Suffolk Ct.  The plane was a small two-seater and there were two on board at the time of the crash.  Michigan State Police had a helicopter in the area looking for wreckage.

UPDATE:  The plane was found nose down and the two unidentified passengers were confirmed dead at the scene.

The Genesee County Scanners Facebook page said:

DOWNED AIR CRAFT - 3000 Blk of Suffolk Ct - Suffolk Ct apartments,still awaiting details on this crash,however main traffic on this crash has been taking to a special channel but we will update you all with any information we get as we get it. PLEASE STAY CLEAR OF THIS AREA TO ALLOW EMERGENCY PERSONNEL TO GET TO THE VICTIMS.