Six weeks ago 18 year-old Sydney Corcoran almost bled to death as a victim of the Boston Marathon bombings. Her determination to get her life back has been an inspiration to people the world over and on Tuesday evening her high school classmates gifted her with a very special tribute.

18 year-old Sydney Corcoran was in Boston on the day of the bombings with the rest of her family to cheer for her aunt, who was running. The explosions left her critically injured and separated from her family.

Through diligent physical therapy and sheer determination Sydney was able to return to her high school in Lowell, Massachusetts just in time for their senior prom. To say that she is thrilled to be back would be an understatement, but her classmates were equally as happy.

Sydney, who decorated her crutches for the event, was voted prom queen.

See her inspirational story below.