A boil-water advisory is in effect for part of Flint.

City officials say an “abnormal sample” is the reason the advisory was issued for a small part of Flint’s west side on Monday.

A statement said that “testing over the last 48 hours has shown that water tests negative for the presence of fecal coliform bacteria and E.coli, but an abnormal test result triggered the advisory." It's believed that a sampling error is to blame for the abnormal test results; however, as a precaution, the city says the advisory will remain in effect until the next citywide sampling has been completed. It goes on to say that testing of Flint’s drinking water happens weekly at nine different sites around the city and that drinking water contamination due to E.coli or coliform bacteria is very rare because bacteria cannot survive in water for very long.


The area affected is bordered by Mann Hall Road on the north and east, Whitney Road on the south and the city limits on the west.

The next round of testing is scheduled to occur today with the possibility that the advisory being lifted as early as Wednesday.