It's not a done deal, but it looks like Bob Seger and his Silver Bullet Band will be going out on tour again in the fall. But - (and this is a big "but") don't look for the rocker to do any shows at The Palace, Dow Event Center, or any other Michigan venue.  Boo.

Seger actually plans to hit some of the areas they missed when they toured earlier this year. Sax man Alto Reed told Rolling Stone, "We did a few dates on the East Coast, but we couldn't do Madison Square Garden and we didn't do Philadelphia or Pittsburgh," he says. "I think there's a good chance that we're talking about a fall tour and hitting the markets that we missed." Reed went on to say that Seger's kids really encouraged him to go back out on the road. (Are they thinking, "College fund"?)

Seger says his new album is about half done. "I have three other brand new songs on it, and then I'm torn, because I really like some of this old stuff, 'Downtown Train' being one of them. I'm thinking about maybe a mix of old and new for the next record." He later added, "If the song-writing gods smile on me, it will all be new. If they don't, it will be a mixture of new and old – and the best of the old. That's what it will be, whatever the best songs are is what I'll put out. Old or new."