"Being out on the field, it was crazy to think that there once was a motorcycle track there, every year, with all the fans, but now it’s nowhere near the same — it’s like a war zone," says Michigan native Tyler Fernengel.

Red Bull posted the video of Tyler riding through the abandoned Silverdome yesterday. Tyler, who grew up in Detroit, said this about the first time he remembers visiting the Silverdome:

"I was 3 years old. And I had just gotten my first dirt bike. It may have been the first race I ever did — my dad entered me in the amateur Supercross races held at the Silverdome. Amateurs would compete the day before the pro Supercross. I raced there every year until I was 10 years old."

You can read more of his interview from Red Bull HERE.

Since I grew up in Milwaukee, I never had the pleasure of visiting the Silverdome when it was still in operation. I've gotta say, from watching the video, it looks like it has so many amazing memories for a lot of people. Kind of sad, really.