Black Frriday is a big day for shoppers, but is it so big that you would camp outside on a sidewalk for more than a week? Some folks do.

Take Jonas Allooh, he arrived last Monday at 5pm and began  camping out outside Best Buy -- in Cuyshoga Falls, Ohio.

Jonas' tent is loaded with a bed, microwave, a TV and, of course, heaters b3cause it is cold in Ohio in November.

The next person in line is Tony Avitar who arrived next. He is an old pro at this, having done it for the past 11 years. Here is his take on it:

I wanted to stop three or four years ago, and my kids make me do it because they like coming down. We usually have Thanksgiving dinner brought to the tent, so we’ll have a full spread in the tent, and it’s kind of my time with them."

While they wait for Black Friday they can also wait for the ad from Best Buy, which hasn't been published yet!