See what this mother discovered as she went to put a new battery in her children's favorite toy.

It's one of Fisher Price's best sellers, and it's on Amazon's top five list of popular children's toys as well, but when a mother went to put a new battery in her son's Soothe and Glow Sea Horse, she was shocked and concerned by the melted plastic and very, very warm batteries that she found. There was also the smell of something burning as she got deeper into the insides of the toy.

And she's not the only one. At least ten consumer complaints from all across the U.S. have been filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and parents are also warned in negative product reviews on numerous websites, including Read one of those warnings to other parents, when YOU CLICK HERE.

Despite the fire safety hazard, Fisher Price has not issued a recall for this toy. Hit THIS LINK to see what worried parents are saying on Fisher Price's Facebook page.

The Soothe And Glow Sea Horse is a fire hazard, and when you think of a toy like that in your child's crib or bed at night, or in their lap during playtime, it's enough to make this mom's hear stop!

Find more details on the potential fire hazards of this best selling toy in the video, courtesy of WXYZ-TV below.