It won't be long now, soon the kids will be out of school and shouting those two words that every parent has heard: I'm bored. That means you have to kick into high gear and become mom/dad recreation director. How about some very inexpensive and fun ideas? Some of the area's best playgrounds are tucked away near your own back yard. These are my five picks, for some great inexpensive summer fun. Read more after the jump.

1. Bluebell Beach and Splash Pad Playground

What kid doesn't like swimming or just playing around in the water on a hot summer day? Genesee County Parks and Recreation Commission’s Bluebell Beach is home to the area's first Splash Pad Spray Ground. The new Splash Pad Spray Ground shoots water in a timed sequence from the ground, and also from various play structures on the Splash Pad. There is no charge to use the Splash Pad Spray Ground. Bluebell Beach and Splash Pad Playground is on Bray road in Genesee Township.

2. King Arthur's Castle at Genesee Valley Center

This is a really cool playground inside the Valley, great for some rainy day fun or when it's just to hot outside. The playground is made up of all this shiny, soft foam material, very safe for the little one's. There is a castle, some huge Toad Stool's for jumping, a slide made from a foam tree, a bridge an alligator and more. This playground is suitable for kids six and under.

3. City Schools - Saginaw St., Grand Blanc

Some of the best playgrounds have always been found on public school property, like City Schools in Grand Blanc. Their facilities are available for your children to play during non- school hours. The play area at the school is great, all the good stuff, plus you can take comfort in knowing that their child proof. Chances are your kids are familiar with all the fun stuff at the playground, and will be asking you to take them there.

4. Longfellow-Summerfield Play Center, a Boundless Play Center - Chevrolet Ave., Flint

This beautiful playground is quite new, that means all the latest playground stuff is there for your kids. Even the kids in your family that are thrill seekers will find all kinds of fun to keep them occupied on a warm summer afternoon. Boundless Playgrounds help communities create extraordinary playgrounds where all children, with and without disabilities, can develop essential skills for life as they learn together through play.

5. Riverview Park-Playscape  Downtown Flushing

If you live outside the city of Flint or you would like to take a little drive with the kids, you'll find Riverview Playscape in downtown Flushing a great place to spend some time with the afternoon. Riverview provides some country charm with all the fun playscape stuff to thrill the kids for hours. After all mom and dad as you already know, if the kids are happy, all is right with the world.

Where is your favorite place to take your kids? Did I miss any place around the area?