With the temperatures climbing we will soon be looking for great places to stay out of the heat. Of course you could hit the beach, head to the pool or find someone with a boat and relax on that, but let's face it, you'll still be in the heat. Here are some other ideas that may keep you a bit cooler than staying in the sun.

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    Your Office

    Where ever you may work.

    Your office might be a bit strange of a suggestion, but why not hangout for a bit in the comfort of air conditioning. If you office is anything like mine, its always cold. Think about it, keeping cool, catching up on some extra work and brownie points from your boss (you can make it seem like your putting in a bit of extra effort.)

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    Sloan Museum

    Sloan Museum | 1221 E. Kearsley Street

    Take your family to the Sloan Museum for some of their great exhibits. Of course Sloan Museum has air conditioning, plus you and your family may learn something new. They have some great exhibits going on this summer as well: 100 Years of Chevrolet -- going on now through September and starting soon Old Time Toys. They still have their permanent exhibits going on as well.

    J. Wilds, Hulton Archive
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    Ziggy's Ice Cream

    11304 S Saginaw St | Grand Blanc

    I know Ziggy's is an outdoor ice cream parlor, it's still a great place to cool off the interior of your body with some ice cream, a smooth, a shake and a sundae, I'm not talking about just one of them, I mean all of them in one sitting. If that don't cool you off, or at least give you brain freeze, I don't know what will work.

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    NCG Trillium Theater

    8220 Trillium Cir Ave | Grand Blanc

    It's close to 90 degrees, the kids are complaining and your not in the mood to put up with them hanging around the house screaming at each other. Pack them up in the car, take them to NCG Trillium and let them pick the movie they want to see. Ship them off to the theater, if old enough to be alone, and pick out a movie for yourself. You'll have the serenity of no kids, comfort of air conditioning and maybe a nice frozen drink to help keep you cool.

    NCG Trillium Website
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    Go Grocery Shopping

    Your favorite grocery store.

    Why not plan a trip to the grocery store? This is an excellent place to cool off. First the stores are air conditioned and secondly you can spend most of your time in the frozen food section, that is if your like me and you live off frozen dinners. I suggest wearing some shorts and a t-shirt, this way you will have light clothing on to keep you cool.

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