Okay it's time to find the perfect Halloween costume for the party you plan on attending and you're not sure where to go. I always wait until the last minute to buy my costume, but I actually planned ahead this year and already have one. Last year I waited until the day of Halloween to shop but I learned my lesson. For those of you scrambling trying to find the right costume, I've put together a few places where you can shop.

  • Halloween Connection

    You may not realize this, but all this month Chemco sets up their Halloween Connection inside their store. You can find all sorts of good ideas. They have one of the largest selections in costumes, masks and props so you're bound to find something there. If you're looking for a Scream mask, they still have a lot left. You can also check out The Crypt haunted house after you shop.

    The Crypt Haunted House Website
  • Halloween City

    This actually used to be Halloween USA but they changed the name. I've always had luck here finding the perfect costume. This is where I found my flapper from the 20's costume. The store is on Miller Road and again they have a great selection of costumes. While you're searching for Freddy Krueger, Justin Bieber and a sexy witch outfit, make sure you find out what contests you can take part in.

    Halloween City Website
  • Lover's Lane

    Let's be honest ladies-sometimes we want to find something sexy to wear on Halloween. Maybe you're going out to meet guys or you simply don't feel like being Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz which means Lover's Lane is the perfect place to go. Two of my friends bought their costume's here and one is going dressed as a sheriff and the other one as a nurse. They also have a ton of accessories you can buy including wigs, hosiery, boots and shoes.

    Lover's Lane Website
  • Party City

    This massive store is perfect if you need costumes for everyone because they have everything you could possibly find in here. They have stores on Miller and Lapeer Road in Flint. They have Halloween costumes for kids, teens, adults, dogs and even couple and group costumes. I have friends who just bought a superhero couples costume for really cheap so they were happy about that. You can pick from a variety of themes as well.

    Party City Website
  • Joann Fabrics

    I always forget that Joann Fabrics carries Halloween costumes and accessories. They have a smaller selection but it's a good place to go to if you're looking for inexpensive items like wigs, masks and other accessories. I stopped in there to buy a pink wig while my co-worker bought her son a cape and both were really cheap. If you're a crafty person you can also shop for fabric and make your own costume.

    Joann Fabrics Website
  • Target

    You can always rely on Target when you're shopping for a Halloween Costume, but you need to start now because they sell out pretty quick. Last year Super Mario Brothers was very popular so you'll see more of them this year and Target has a few of them left. If you plan on being a witch, they have a lot of shoes that will be perfect with your costume. If you don't know what your son wants to be, they have plenty of Spiderman and Michael Jackson costumes left. You'll also find a huge selection of accessories to go with your costume.

    Target Website
  • Costume Rentals by Judy

    Maybe you aren't in the mood to buy your costume this year because you figure you'll only wear it once. This store is located in Fenton where you can rent your Halloween Costume, but you will need to make an appointment before you go. They're also open seven days a week this month so you have plenty of chances to rent something. A friend of mine just rented the Scarecrow costume from the Wizard of Oz. They carry mostly adult costumes but there is a small selection of kids costumes.

    Costume Rentals by Judy Website